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7 Things I learnt from 3rd Sibling

3rd Sibling an online clothing brand that has made many teenagers go crazy is also my favourite. I haven’t purchased any for myself yet but I do have my reasons for falling in love with the brand and the products.

I have been following 3rd Sibling from the start and like all Ahgases (fans of Got7, a Kpop boy band) I fell in love because the company’s Proprietor is my favourite members sister but by observing them closely I was able to learn a lot and basically adored the shop for what it is.

In this article I will be listing out Seven things I learnt from 3rd Sibling which made me a holder today.

1) Dream Work: Passion

The owner wasn’t in this business from the start instead started this career because it was her dream project. I have always heard or been said that doing what we love will bring success but witnessing it was truly overwhelming. It is never late when it’s your dream job and that happened in the life of Tammy Chung (owner). As I know passion has brought her all the way into fashion from real-estate. The true happiness is not in the dollars but the love for the job. Such points made me start my own platform to explore the World.

2) Consistency

The shop wasn’t flourishing as soon as it started but it’s because of their consistent work. They kept on branding and we’re reaching out to people which made them reach where they are know. Consistency also includes patience. A company may not always be in it’s bright side. There will be ups and downs including confusions and they dealt is patiently.

They still brand their clothes like before and follow the procedures as it was before which is a great example of showing their invariable performance.

You don’t have to be a Hare to win the race with a leap but a tortoise with never ending hard work.

3) Friendly Approach

Unlike other brands and companies 3rd Sibling approach their buyers in a very friendly manner. It was my first time recieving such friendly and clear informations from the company. Every time there is an update the comments section never fails to fill with doubts and questions in return all wil be answered by them immediately. Customers who purchased the products are also treated with care. Their gratitude through their comments make the buyers wanna shop more and stay in touch.

4) Social Media

Business through social media is getting it’s trend only now in India while comparing other countries. 3rd Sibling’s sole branding platform is social media. They use this medium to effectively reach the younger minds of this generation.

Daily updates through their social accounts definetly pull in new customers everyday. The buyers also post themselves with the products which adds up. Keeping up with the updates and new arrivals is so easy and fun when it’s available in social media.

5) Family

The Tuans are known for their bonding as a family. The family totally indulges togetherto promote the product(including me). When there is a strong support with and beside you, burdens never seem to bother.

The unity within the family also makes the viewers go crazy for them. They don’t call for high paid models to promote but their own family members. People started prefering casuality and originality in everything and that’s clearly brought out by 3rd sibling. The pictures speak about love, harmony and emotion rather than modern and fashion, which is impressive.

6) Customer Service and Satisfaction

The company is not only for sales and promotion but also for service and satisfaction. While working for my previous blog on 3rd Sibling, I had an opportunity to interact with few customers and guess what? They were more than just satisfied, they were too happy with the product and service.

Their immediate responses will also come under this. Whenever I see a comment with quarries there is always a solution or a reply written below. The delivery service is also appreciated by every buyer.

7) Quality Products

The products are not only packed well and sent at time but also too comfy to wear. Every customer I spoke with only expressed how grateful and glad they are to shop from 3rd Sibling.

Some even promised to buy more in the coming up months. The clothes deal with only colours Black and White which looks trendy in its own style. Wether it’s summer or winter the products are suitable for any season. After all this is the major part of the whole journey.

Observing all this I was able to distinguish that 3rd Sibling is not just a shop run by favourite singer’s sister but an out come of one’s passionate Hardwork. Which makes me wanna love and promote the brand everyday. The company as a result has brought many Changes in my life and I am desirous to shop atleast one from them.

I wish them huge success in their coming up years and myself to wear their clothing one day.

To know more contact and follow 3rd Sibling in Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

You can also shop at http://www.3rdsibling.com.

A gist about the shop is also given in my previous blog on 3rd Sibling.


Thank you! Don’t forget to shop and discover yourself with 3rd Sibling clothing.

Note: The content is not anyway related to the Company itself. The article is written out of own interests. The courtesy for the images used goes to 3rd Sibling solely.

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