• Anthea Isaac

A Confession to Make

I have a confession to make


I have a confession to make

But scared that I might blurt it out.

You know me for a year

And I admired you for two.

Your friends know me and mine know you

And people zone as friends too.

They say it is natural for you to approach

Yet you hardly move a muscle.

My heart pounds the fastest as I contain it biting my lower lip.

Can’t you see boy? Me screaming those words through a gentle smile

Yes, I am nervous if he or she will talk ear to ear,

And I don’t want to end up as the front line.

I have been here before, bold and brave,

Turned to shame and now I am scared.

Every time I pretend that we meet by chance,

Despite my black pair goes to the wildest corners to find you.

Will my dark skin or above normal weighing flesh

Stop us from happening?

Girls hover around you but you look at mine

And mumble my name making me red.

I agree, I go crazy jealous with you smiling at she or her

But, I know you don’t do it as you do to me.

Days pass and I try to be shy

Hoping that you like it that way.

Trust me, I am a passionate woman with

A bundle of anxieties

Waiting for you to make the move.

Give me that one thing and watch the

Forest fire of love and desire burn.

Delusion and confusion few in package

Still, it is an enjoyable ride, I promise.

Walk straight into me and say those magical words

Seal the pretty one on my face

Before I chew and swallow them for myself.

Anthea Isaac

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