• Anthea Isaac

A Friend I never Noticed

When I decided to write a blog, I had a trouble in choosing a perfect topic. My eyes were wavering with deep thoughts when a flip of page distracted me, I saw a lean frame sitting next to me. Her face all serious glancing at her maths book, her long fingers sliding through the sums on the left while the right fussing to leave the grip of the pencil. The pencil is the poor little thing which got stuck doing it’s work five times extra and faster. It has to go through this part of the life every time when she had a Maths exam the next day.

 I am talking about a girl who is shorter than five feet with humongous eyes, Who does household at a young age, who takes care of her messy sister, Who loves makeup, Who’s intelligence is unbeatable, Who falls asleep early, Who is too perfect and responsible for a 14 year old.

I am talking about none other than my little sister Andrea Isaac, the friend I never noticed.

I still remember  the days when I was four wanting my mom to give me a little sister. Whenever I blame God for not answering my prayers I get flashback were a wish of a four year old came true when the twenties and fifties wanted something else.

Yes! I was the only soul who wanted a girl baby. I always imagined that a little sister is a barbie doll who I can play with by splashing makeup on her face, dressing her up or a pet dog who obeys your commands. Trust me! Nothing ever happened in my life.

After all the dance of joy, I stood near a cradle which had a minion sized soul drapped in a white sheet, I went near to the cradle, everybody stood around us admiring the epic moment. I felt her with a touch. “whae whae whae” she started to cry. Our first meet wasn’t a pleasant though. My Grandma came rushing “Don’t wake the baby and make her cry”. That’s it World War 3 began.

Since then I remember all our fights, quarrels and more. We hated each other the most. There were times where we even felt happy for the other being caught or punished. I blamed God for giving me a sister, for not letting me have the pleasure of living as a single child. She even became a victim for my karate lessons.

But things do change don’t they. Now we are one of those lovey dovey sisters who the whole world envies at. We evolved a lot that even spending a day without each other is the toughest in our lives. We sit together chatting, crying, arguing and even laughing out loud getting weird stares from our parents. Though we are way different from each other we decided to stay together through our differences.

Maybe God was right. Maybe a part of him said that Anthea definitely needs a sister to go on with life. It’s true, I need her every time. I do feel sorry that I never noticed or thanked either of them. One for coming in my life and the other who made her take part in my life.

But I am happy that I realized and noticed sooner. Thank you Pappu(Andrea) for being my disobedient barbie doll of my life.

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