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A Professor Tries to Kill His In-Laws & Murders His Wife

To people who have stopped by, I would like to give a disclaimer that I literally have 0% experience in covering stories like these, as my focus was always on entertainment. But, this piece of news disturbed me so much and I felt the urge to pen my words. It is half an hour to midnight and my heart is getting heavier every second after knowing that a girl lost her life after 7 months of marriage with the love of her life.

The title is no exaggeration as the story I am about to narrate is much more unreal and dramatic as one could imagine. Well, we are in an era where people are categorized and judged with the degrees they hold and the occupation they are into. If I am right the victim’s parents did nothing wrong while accepting the groom for their “only” child as he was having an “ideal” job, being a professor at an Engineering college. Though I feel the urge to type everything I know yet I choose to stay absurd with details just because I want to. Getting back to the story, the ideal man seemed as perfection in the eyes of a student of the same college which practically ended up with a good note, marriage. In real life, “they happily lived ever after” is more of a myth and so was in the story of the girl. Living on the 1st floor of a two-story house, above her parents, the girl’s life wasn’t as peaceful as she expected. Soon after a few days of marriage, the spouse started hitting her and threatened her parents for more dowries (transfer of parental property, gifts, or money at the marriage of a daughter). Both the physical and mental abuse the family had to go through was unbearable and the torture went on every day.

The suffocated parents wanted to find a solution without breaking the only home (their daughter) they had but their efforts weren’t successful enough. Still hesitant to take the case before the law, the father decided to file a complaint against his one and only son-in-law. I am not married yet but as a woman, I tried to empathize with the girl, as it would have been alive hell she wanted to escape every second. The police got hold of the man and had locked him that night. And here is where the stupidest and heartless thing happens. Despite this man being a threat to the family, he had the power to influence officials and walk out of the station. After a few hours of release, you may wonder what this “professor” did. He returned to his in-law's house tried to murder the girl and her family. The victims did escape but were deeply wounded, the girl had a cut on her shoulder and her father’s wrist was cut off.

Being a commoner getting to know this piece of news tapped the beast in me. I was angry, I was mad and everything looked meaningless. We commoners were brought up being taught that it is never right to take laws in our hands or to punish people. But what if the law is not protecting us? The man did not just stop there, in the evening he decided to take revenge on his in-law’s acquaintances who advised the father to file a complaint. I with no means of offensive declare he is a murderer, as he sent two of his paid thugs to kill them before the police station. It was mere grace that nobody was harmed and the person with the weapon was caught by the police. This was the last piece of news I got from my father and our family wasn’t either physically or mentally prepared to follow up with this case.

But he wasn’t ready to let go. Despite being arrested for an attempt to murder, he once again had the power to walk out with bail. And as soon as he came out just to finish his unfinished business that is to kill his wife. Yesterday, the girl who hardly lived her marriage got murdered by the love of her life. This news literally tore my heart apart. Why? Why does it have to end like this? Whose fault is this? I ain’t a law major student but this 22-year-old was able to realize that the man wasn’t going to let this slid.

Why do officials have to be favourable for the murderers? When my pulses were high, my dad’s comment pierced my soul, “This isn’t the first time or the only case. People go through situations like this every day.” I was drop-dead, my body froze and wasn't willing to function. I know injustice is spread all over the country but listening to them deepens the cut. I was in pain, in agony to find every possible way to give the culprit a death sentence. When my dad mentioned it was all in the hands of the parents’ hands to strengthen this case, I was wallowing in my thoughts. And again my sister’s statement made me numb, “The parents have lost their only child, do you think they will be able to do that? Will justice bring back their daughter?” Hearing a 17-year-old make sense made me feel good as dead. It is said that there is no use in crying over the spilled milk but the moment all I could do was mourn over the carelessness and stupidity of the so-called officials who let him have a bail.

Now, who is going to take the responsibility for the girl’s lost life, the parents’ only home? Above all, it is funny that the taking up of responsibility goes to the root, as the man's parents are to be put to question for bringing up a monster and siding him throughout the end. Yes, the parents of the accused were “well aware” of what was happening but all they could do was blame the bride. And the noble institution who offered him an honorary job, are jobs given to a meat bag without checking his whereabouts? Finally, the officials, who were convinced to let him out because he was one of the relatives of an influential person, do you celebrate murderers in your families now?

Even now writing this makes me feel empty as I am not sure what help it is to me or the ones who are reading this. But, if this small piece can advocate in spreading this news and put the murderer into eternal jail, that would make sense. On the other hand, I just wanted my readers to be aware of the inhuman injustice happening around us and if you could do anything in your power to stop it, please do. Cause as I always say, humanity is justice!

Thank you for reading. Do share your views in the comments! If you have come across such incidents in life do let the world know. Take Care!

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