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Among the Stars still in our Hearts…

Moon(the natural satellite) and Walk(to move) surprisingly came together to praise a legend who will never leave our hearts. The man who made us believe that perfection can sing, dance, write, breathe and walk as a human like us.

“Michael Jackson” the inevitable star of pop world. Whose songs never failed to impress us.

The Day we met

I still remember the first time seeing someone wearing an Orange jacket singing something I could never understand and dancing weird moves in a video played in my Mom’s computer. Out of curiosity I pointed towards him and asked who he was. “That’s Michael Jackson a singer who sings in English”. Being only 11 eight years ago that’s the only way she can make me understand. She played another song “Bad” and explained that he is the same person. It looked like magic to me but my mom said it was plastic.

The visuals looked a bit old but were my favorites. I soon started liking every single video my Mom screened. While learning more about him from my Mom about who he was something struck my heart when I came to know that the person I was starting to like just passed away hours ago. Too little was my heart to bare such emotions. That’s when I realised it was late. You would have seen his diehard fans tearing out during the procession of their star but I became one after the painful departure and took hold on to it till now.

Michael Jackson was not just the first in making “Thriller” the biggest selling album and generating 4 top ten in Billboards as a solo artist but the first pop star who melted my heart. The first ever English song I listened to through ear plugs were his.

He was the first to put me to sleep, help me work, comfort me, make me smile through his music. My life with Music and English began from his end.

He is who He is

Inspite of all allegations Michael Jackson was a true self who loved and cared about things we were and are ignorant about. He was one of the very few celebrities who took a lot of efforts in reaching the unreached. His music and videos depicted more on social causes than of self promotions.

The never ending empire “Neverland” was built out of his love for Peter Pan. Poor and diseased children were taken in a bus once in a week to look around the magnificent park along with Jackson. His love for children got him into lots of trouble but he never regretted.

As an artist he was praised and paid but we failed to notice the good in him as a human till today. It greatly surprised me when I read that he initiated “Heal the Kids” for children welfare inspite of all criticism he was recieving.

People dissed him as much as they wanted but I never was or is convinced with their ideology. For he was a genuine heart who made few mistakes and was never given a chance to make it right.

He perished by giving us the Cherished memories to remember.

An Icon

His music had no boundaries. They reached beyond culture and language. His iconic Moonwalk is considered as pride to be staged by the present artists. They imitate him out of passion, they adore him out of love. Not just our western celebrities like Justin Timberlake and Justin Bieber. Michael Jackson is looked up on also in the present developing industry “K-pop” from the South East Asian countries.

His melodies “Heal the World” and “We are the World” weren’t only meant for listening but included in our syllabus from which many gets to know or understand the happenings around. His charitable activities can never be fulfilled by any now or ever.

The King of Pop

He can be crowned as the only Pop star who is living beyond ages. Thirty years ago my dad listened to him in a caset of ₹100, now I listen to them in my smart phone and the history will go on.

The King still lives in all our hearts after 8 long years and will forever. People are different and will have different aspects of looking at his unstable life but he stays on the positive sides when it comes to either teaching us from his mistakes or showing us the possibilities of helping.

His best singles Dangerous, Smooth Criminal, Thriller, Beat it, Bad and so on will always be trend setters bringing goosebumps everytime we listen.

The man who developed himself as a singer, writer, dancer and mastered them all will continue his journey in capturing the hearts of many.

Dear Jackson Despite of all the painful mourns I am happy that you are in peace and can rest well. Your over work and schedules have come to a rest. And we would like to say that you did well and we are proud.

This day becomes even more special to remember all those memories we created together and wait for the ones we are yet to make. That start brought me here and I will always be thankful by spreading his love through me.

The essence he left behind is too much to dissolve and will remain.

“Among the Stars still in our Hearts”

Thank you!!

Note: Picture credits goes to the respectful owners.

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