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Baking My First Chocolate Cake!

“Ammu is not much interested in cooking,” my dad commented and smirked at me. And that is all it took to drag me into an apron and start whisking the cake batter.

Of course the blame is on me for dozing off with my droopy eyes when the entire family was excited to bake their first pair of cakes after years. I hardly remembered tasting the slices of my mom’s cake but she was hundred percent sure on what she was doing while confidently listing the ingredients and pouring them together in a huge bowl. My sister with no doubt was on her toes to finally be part of some serious baking but in a chair was I sitting mentally all excited and physically drained to death. Somehow while I took a brief nap, the trio managed to bring out two lovely cakes in which the chocolate one was my most favourite. After beguiling the entire cake in a day, the Isaacs were in need of another one. Fortunately, we had the left over ingredients that can be used.

Butter, Sugar & Maida Flour

After two days of the first baking at house session, I decided to dive in as an enthusiast to bake an entire cake on my own. My mom supervised on adding the components at the right moment when I took care of the never ending whisking process. The procedure was quite hectic and tiring but with hopes on the end result I decided not to give up. I am probably not going to list out the ingredients because I am not drafting a cooking blog but whisking the powdered sugar, slimy eggs and the soggy premature mix and turning into a creamy batter does indeed give you the sense of achievement.

The Final Batter

The batter was finally ready to be stuffed and be baked by my mom’s auspicious oven gifted by her father-in-law. She carefully poured the mix in the given vessel and asked us to keep our fingers crossed for a good looking and edible chocolate cake after an hour. My patience was testing me as I was super excited to have the first bite of my first ever cake. The cake’s end result is all it takes to decide whether Anthea is ever going to touch the equipment of baking or not.

The Star of the Day

Minutes went by and finally we got to sniff the yet to be ready cake. With few more minutes ahead to see the actual cake, the family members including myself started wandering nearby the oven wondering when the beautifully baked will come out. After a nail biting wait, the cake was finally out brown, hot and puffy. Without much of a wait we greedily pounced on the pastry to have our own slices to taste. Still hot the cake did taste its best! I couldn’t be more proud of myself for bringing such an art to the world. Yes, I was in love with my own baking skills and kept appreciating myself every time I had a bite. My family members were much pleased with my performance that they wanted two more cakes to be baked the very next day. I was taken back with the sudden excitement but I still agreed to go for the second round.

My Pride!

After a day I once again got back to my baker avatar to bring out another tasty cake. Eventually I have been crowned as the master of baking cakes and have been getting requests from my family to bake every day. Though the process might seem tiring and extremely time consuming, watching your people credit you for the hard work and enjoy the dish does make me feel at ease. Above all, we aren’t getting another lockdown era any near so why not make yourself and your family members happy with a slice of pastry every day?

Personally, the very term baking made me wonder if I could ever do that in my life and the process felt over the clouds. But thanks to my dad’s sarcastic smirk, my mom’s prestigious oven and her on point memory that we ended up baking our own delight. Despite typing thousands of words and toiling over some other routine during this quarantine, baking a cake can be ranked as the best and gratifying venture. The process was indeed fun and the sense of fulfillment while having the first bite is irreplaceable. So I would suggest you to give it a try.

How was your first baking experience? Let me know!

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