• Anthea Isaac

GOT7 “New Era” MV Teaser Out!

Yolo! Everybody, Just woke up from a Bang. When life seemed too busy and monotonous due to my semester exams GOT7 yet again decided to surprise me with an unexpected Japanese teaser titled “New Era”.

Today’s exam managed to keep me tied up from sparing those 40 seconds yesterday but the ahgase spirit in me unleashed today to check them out.

What would I say? WOW! If reaching heaven was much easier I would have been carried away. My style of music from the boys always made me go crazy. Now the boys and their fashion stood no chance for disappointments. Their winsome attire is a sign of the stolen hearts among the fans. With no doubt “New Era” is finding it’s place in my tracklist before the MV is out.

From now May 7th becomes an iconic day for all ahgases (including myself) who are anxiously waiting for the luscious dish GOT7’s “New Era” to be served.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

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