• Anthea Isaac

I was a Wonder Woman!

Do you have a friend with same interests? Who watches the same shows as you do and go crazy over them along with you? I have. I had.

Watching the Sunday premiere “Justice League” on HBO made me recollect the memories of a six year old Wonder woman I know. The princess of Amazon barely spoke a word but flew over chair like mountains and defeated wall demons in her bed field. When Diana needed help she called out to her friends Superman and Batman to save the world. Things changed as years went on, the heroes grew up and one among them is here writing about it.

Yes! We were the heroes of the world. We were the heroes of our world.

The heroes I knew weren’t Clark Kent or Bruce Wayne but Vishal and Karthik who did their schooling same as Wonder woman (Anthea) 14 years before. With only blurred images remaining I can’t remember why and when we became friends but something about eachother will stay in our minds forever.

Little things like having an ice-cream together or going to the summer class together never mattered much until looking back at it now. As I mentioned I don’t exactly remember how it all started but let me tell you how it was.

Vishal’s mom was a good friend of my mom’s. Both had a job of picking us after school in their two wheelers. What had a habit of grabbing Aavin ice-creams together and spent quality time on our way back home. They weren’t flavoured or creamy but the cheapest vanilla cups I loved. Those scoops of ice-cream we had together can never be replaced by the ones I have now.

I spent a peaceful night in their home when my mom was about to give me a sibling. Indeed it was with them I celebrated my joy of having a sister. (Who knew about the consequences I had to face as she grew up.) If it wasn’t them that day my parents would have had a hard time in taking care of me.

Aunty’s furry black monkey doll that she made by herself still remains new in our cupboard. Both mom and son are one of the perfect duos I remember in my life.

With Karthik I have the weirdest memory of taking a bus by myself to his house when I was just five.

We went to the same summer camp for our holidays. One day my mom took me to his house, I refused returning wanting to play more and my mom in return promised that I could go to his house the next day. (Who knew my mom was just playing with her words)

On the next day after our classes I took his bus instead of mine and happily greeted aunt with huge smiles along with him. My mom was startled to hear the news and hurried to take me home. (The later part… Let’s just skip them.)

For the first time I saw a huge bunny barn in a house, in his house. I had my first try with mehendi from aunty. It’s that everything felt warm that I had only good memories to carry with me.

Maybe our friendship just blossomed as a result of the mothers, because we had no one else to play with when our moms had a ton to talk.

Whatever happened just happened and I am happy cherishing them.

Moving to Madurai from my hometown has brought the unexpected changes in my life. While growing up I became a pink Ranger, a part of X-Men and often wonder if they are taking up roles as well. If yes who will be the red Ranger or who will be Cyclops?

For past 14years the emergency alarm never rang calling us to gather for help. We became commoners persuing degrees in different parts of the state or even country. I found no clue or sign of their existence. The mission of finding them always ended up being negative.

But with huge hope I write this and let’s see if this piece can be the Letter of urgency to bring back the heroes together. That I can be a Wonder Woman again.

Cause the World needs us. The world needs the Justice League!!


The credits to few images I used goes to the respectful owners. Thank you.

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