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Jack of all Trades: A Trash?

I never rambled or blabbered in my blogs before, it’s because I always wanted them to be neat and perfect, filled with useful content. But today I decided to pen it down to feel less burdened or even to reach out to the people who feel the same.

“Wow! She is the best at everything.” This is the phrase that everybody thrives to earn but do we really see through that particular person and find what she is going through or are all being recognised for being multi talented? That person with all those twinkling stars in her profile disappears as soon as the biggest star walks in. Simple, there might be a million stars in a night sky but do we even bother looking at them when the Sun appears?

Every ward should be the best in everything, that’s what each parent dreams for but being good also takes more efforts and being the best is hardly possible, am sure I am right cause that’s what even the famous quote says “Jack of all Trades, King of None.”

Do we really appreciate everyone who does something other than usual? Do we care about the people who excel themselves in random art? At the end of the day it’s not what we do but what you like us to do. The audience must feel the talent is useful or worth until then talent is never considered as a talent at all.

There are wide range of art with great future but often misinterpreted as a hobbie or timepass. As I always state “If everybody becomes a Doctor, Scientist or a Professor who will take care of the other roles which are equally essential. We intend to see art as a timepass in this studios life and no one can really be blamed but bringing down the lively thoughts of an artist shouldn’t happen. Every individual manages his/her daily routine and finds time for their true desires. And unfortunately they are the ones who are tagged for using sublimation, displacement reaction, fantasies and more.

Fine! But are they treated common? No, they are neurotic problems and artist is considered as a person with mental illness. Do we deserve all this? And what if we really do? At least we don’t blabber or go around nagging our fellow mates, instead we sublimate them and give you a piece which you enjoy reading, watching or listening.

If the end result comes out to be a success, everybody comes cheering around, appreciates and says something like “I am so proud of you” stuff but if it’s a period of agony, pain or mental breakdown flashes everybody disappears while few stay only to make it worse. The glam never reaches a person so easily, every work has an untold story of his/her toil but… We don’t mind do we? You either need them to do what you want or such work should bring in money or fame so you could play along.

Every creator is behind money these days and it’s never their fault cause if they have to prove their art is worth doing they have to extend the fresh smelling notes at your face. Neither you support the art for art sake nor our dreams and passion.

Yes! We can’t be the best or be available to you all the time cause we do have our own world were we are the royals, call it fantasy or whatever you want but it’s our home. Let us stay there so we could produce work that promotes love and harmony in this lost world of yours.

You don’t have to lift us up on your shoulders with garland around our necks and go for a procession but just get used to what we do and don’t tamper.

You don’t have to be our most caring well-wisher who actually strangles and drains us to ground but instead just stay at rest and let us live.

As Hannah Baker says “You don’t know what goes on in anyone’s life but your own.” It might be quoted from a fictional character but it is the truth that everybody neglects. In case you don’t know being the “Jack of all Trades” isn’t easy.

I don’t wanna be harsh or rude to anyone. Just felt like letting it out and I couldn’t find better people than my readers.

Have a Good Day! Stay Blessed!

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