• Anthea Isaac

Love on Mommy’s Day

“Every Mother is a woman but not every woman can be a mother.” This saying keeps on popping up in my mind every time I think about a mother or Mother’s day. I am not sure who said this to me but these lines do have a deep meaning.

Bearing a baby for 9 months and having a mini kindergarten at home alone does not make a woman a mother but the warmth a woman spreads around her. Everybody becomes a kid when she spreads love and care to everyone and you don’t have to be thirty to spread such love. I call my best friend “Mom” who just turned 18 last year. She is younger than most of us and still known as the mom of the group.

Mothers are not just Queens of her heirs but the ones who literally sacrifice themselves to see their loved ones smiling. There are sensitive issues talking about why women should be the only ones who sacrifice for other’s happiness but I can be sure that their happiness lies in the scarifices they make.

Moms of these days definitely deserve the title “Super Woman”. When Super man lasers the villans to save the world, our mother flames the stove to save our starving bellies. While Super man flies high our mother zoops every corner of our house on weekdays.

The weakest gender becomes the strongest when it comes to relationships and it’s greatly respected when she becomes a mother. The disappearing humanity and increasing crimes won’t stand a chance when the love and care of motherhood is triggered.

The crawling cruelness is everywhere yet we decided to fight them for the people we love and for those who love. Love can be interpreted in different ways but for me it remains the same. It’s unconditional, undying, true or other negative terms few use. Love is just love and we experience it from our mother for the first time we step in this world.

For example whatever I have rambled here is gonna be the best literary piece for my mom.

Pre adult evolve into better woman when the tenderness of motherhood starts to grow inside her. A normal teenager prefers to hold a baby than her iPad which I don’t think can be proven wrong. It’s an essence present in every little girl and that is why her stuffed dolls and puppies have a 5 year old mommy.

Women and girls are flowers with incomparable fragrance. They have thrones to fight but not strong enough to withstand all disasters. These pretty blossoms should be treasured to spread wide the odour.

Cruelty and immorality is out there with ferocious fangs to suck out humanity but they never have a deeper meaning like love and warmth. On this day let’s value love and women to retain the partially lost goodness in us.

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