• Anthea Isaac

Spellbound for hours!!

The usual chirping of birds, the wide spread sky looked normal and it was just another day for all the doakians in and around, for they never knew what was waiting for them.

A week of preparation led us to the day of celebration which every individual related to Lady Doak college was looking for. We were requested to come in blue for a reason and out of the blue I wore a blue saree letting my jeans rest for a day. No classes, free lunch, personal photoshoots, non-stop chats and fun were the reason behind all those bright smiles in the early morning. It was truly a special day more than all of that, it was our College’s 70th birthday. Being the first women’s college for the helpless dreamers the college took it’s stand and has wide spread alumnae all around the world. It’s Ms. Kate Wilcox’s one step that turned the gates of many and we showed our gratitude by celebrating her birthday wearing blue.

As Everybody knows there were guests called to address the gathering. Yes! I was one among the many who had a tough time listening to addresses but the court just turned when Mr. Sujith Kumar took over the podium. No wonder why people say never to judge a book by it’s cover. The calm looking young man with charismatic looks took us beyond our imaginations. Haven’t we ever listened to a lecture for almost two hours with all our hearts and nobody could deny that.

The simplicity he carried through out the session inspite of his great achievements are to be learnt.

Man! Where did he come from?

The session wasn’t only about points but stories and examples that made us laugh out loud and think deeper.We weren’t glued in our seats looking at the same place instead had our own lively time and that’s not called a distraction. Attracting all 5000 people for almost two hours was a myth until I experienced it today. Inspiring young minds isn’t a easy and being spamed in WhatsApp and Facebook by the whole college isn’t small and it isn’t a cultural program or a movie trailer but a motivational speech.

His statements were simple. Everybody is special, everybody can win and it wasn’t just the dreamers who felt it effective but also the achievers. The content and stories were just words but the narration made the impact. Holding almost 2400 and above training sessions clearly tells us how he bewitched us.

His confession on his older imperfect self made him more perfect. His compassion towards helping helpless children to be educated is to be praised. “Jack of all trades” placing himself in a top occupation doesn’t stop from reaching the left out and that made the younger minds drift in thoughts with tears filling eyes.

A speaker turned out to be a celebrity before us and we owed him much. The college always chooses the best and the right speakers but he was just awesome. Doakians were always looked upon but today we looked up on someone. It wasn’t the delicious briyani that filled our tummy at the end but the storming speech of him that filled our hearts and that is what I call the feast.

July 5th marked as an unforgettable day in all our calendars and I am grateful to thank the management for making us enrich ourselves. I also would love to thank Mr. Sujith Kumar for all those amusing stories and experiences. I hope this isn’t our last stop and will be willing to see more in the coming up days.

Do visit us soon!!

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