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Thank you for 2018!

Breathing the air of 2019 made me wanna look back at 2018 for a moment and take the pleasure of thanking the ones who helped me survive 365 days in all kinds of situations.

2018 became one of the most important years in bringing the best blessing and the least expected traumas of my life but in the end it is me Anthea Isaac better made and prepared for the upcoming year. Things started getting serious when I had to say goodbye to my teens. Hope for future started hitting me like a ray of shine, my dreams blasted rainbows over the never drying stream of imagination, everything was perfect until dark clouds called the fear clouded my life.

While I had to deal with both external and interior conflicts of my own, I had people who helped me, lifted me and even dragged me to the end of the year. New plans, new ventures, new ideas, new relationships, new disappointments took over the year crowning it to be one of the most memorable year.

“Thanking expresses the extreme gratitude, humility and understanding.”

2018 carries beautiful memories with amazing people I met and treasured. Such people deserve a special thanks and so here it is from my heart for you.

The Isaacs

Indeed, I wouldn’t have survived this year without food and shelter, not only the physical ones but also the emotional drive and shelter to be safe in the battles. Amongst all fights, quarrels and misunderstanding a family decides to stay and so did we. They weren’t just the supporters but the challengers bringing up the better fighter to the real world. Every work of mine never received a clap but a tap on my back to move further and do better the next time.

Thank you!

My Friends

Being a college student, it is for sure that this section will have the most of the mentions an appreciation.

A friend is a gift you give yourself.

I was passionate enough to gift myself the best presents of life, my friends. And this year my gifts turned to be antics with greatest value. While going through a period of discovering myself, the ones for me always stayed by my side. I was fortunate enough to meet the right people at the right moment. My friend zone never stopped with chatting and laughing but crying, rambling and what not. Though my worst sides became their daily routine, they decided to stay.

I found new meaning for friendship by meeting new and cherishing the rest better. I met two great souls of my life, Pooja and Bhavini who literally took part in everything of my life cycle this year. They helped in healing myself and proving myself worth of love. Mrudhula Akka became a major part of me this year by having my back during the toughest process I went through in bringing up our BlogShop.(If only they knew how much they mean to me)

These three along with some totally unexpected push from people/my friends drove me and transformed me into a writer, a sole proprietor today. My college and school friends tagged along in keeping me from falling off the track of my daily routine and duties. Hadn’t been by besties my soul would have drifted away.

The little help from everyone collectively helped in making me stronger every time. Few cared deeper and expressed lighter but I became smart enough to find them all and carry along to my next year.

Thank you!

My Sistas

Andrea, my soul being who loves me for who I am. No matter how bad I fail to impress, she takes my hand and confesses “I am happy to have you as my sister.” From K-pop screams to life rants, I couldn’t find a better person to share them all.

And my four loves-Kaushika, Yashie, Bhavini and Pooja. My sisters from another mother, my saplings, my little chicks. I am blessed to have them with me and take them along for the next year.

Thank you!

Chokki, Oscar and Pheonix

My home isn’t complete without them, my pets. Thank you for loving me for who I am. I was forced to bid a sorrowful goodbye to my most favourite girl but with her painful departure, she left me with the best memories and lessons. A lesson that loved ones can’t stay forever and so never delay in showering the love they need. Inspite of all those pricking regrets, I still believe her to be an angel to rest among the stars.

Pheonix met me this year, the lil pup reminds me more of Chokki and that fortunately makes me happy. 2018 did become a nightmare for Oscar but thank you for he decided not to give up on himself and us.

Thank you!

Let’s Kpop India

The BlogShop is indeed the greatest thing that happened in 2018. My blood, sweat, tears took its form in the name of a website moulding me as an entrepreneur, a writer and most of all a being of purpose. The venture made me realise the sweetness of Hardwork and bitterness of unstable victory. Dreams do come true but they don’t just sprinkle rose petals at you instead splash rotten tomatoes too. The fear, pain, pressure might carry you away until you decide to stand for your opinion.

In the end it is your soup that the other cooks were trying to spoil so better spoil it by yourself and have a drink learning how to make it better the next time.


2018 became an year of well-wishers too. Without the few people around ‘well-wisher’ would have been just another word in my dictionary. Every fellow being in my life as a friend, a teacher, a senior, a guide, a family who wished me the best and kept me in their prayers should be thanked in this occasion. Thank you to all those wonderful souls. Let me say that it is your prayers and wishes that kept me alive, hail and healthy.

Thank you!

While thanking the people I have met and have been with, I also get reminded of the few who changed my life entirely by just existing. They weren’t related or an acquaintance of mine but somewhere their descision to lend me a hand by just being themselves made me survive and overcome the clouded skies.

Tammy Chung with her 3rd Sibling

Tammy wasn’t just my celebrity Crush’s sister this year. Watching her do a great job with her online clothing store kindled me in starting my BlogShop “Let’s K-pop India.” 3rd Sibling became one of my favorite stores by looking at the background work of its proprietor. “Dreams come true on the other side of fear” became a slogan that I repeat to myself when I needed help.

Tammy also tutored me about family and love which enhanced me and made me hope for the true ones too. The family together working with love for a store awed me, making me realise the true desire of owning a pride.

With wishes for her family and the company, I thank her for our journey in 2018.

Thank you!

Candice King and Aly Armstrong

While talking about my BlogShop, these two ladies also need to be credited. Than just being my favourite celebrities they powered me to be an entrepreneur and to lead a beautiful business as the heart desires.

Thank you!

Alexis Hodoyán

The first person who influenced me into k-pop writing was Alexis. Being a Kpopper I had nothing to do but scream everytime when my favourite idols popped up but things took a turn when I met Alexis. I was introduced to a whole new world. Passing my kindergarten in k-pop writing I did fail to my marked expectations. While had to go through a great process of accepting the fact her encouraging words kept me moving by getting better day by day. Inspite of my flaws, her trust in me made me trust myself more.

Thank you!

Tamar Herman

The second person I met during my Journey of learning to write about kpop was Tamar. Who would have dreamt of a billboard writer responding to your multiple questions and point out your errors? I never did. Being under great pressure and work schedules by herself she decided to give me the time. The k-pop knowledge she owns and the way she fights for her own stand motivate me in working on myself. Her pieces might be nonfictional with facts but they made me happy whenever pop up, wanting me to learn more.

Thank you!

Ana Clara

I still remember the first day when I was startled by her piece on BTS. Though I wasn’t an Army myself, I was drenched with emotions being filled in the form of words. Every group deserves a write up like that and I am still dreaming something for my people one day too. Ana has also been that person who cherished my living by every text. Her kind words have always made me special and encouraged me to do better.

Thank you!

Me as a writer was possible because of these three amazing souls. I couldn’t thank them enough for giving me a space to dream bigger in life. They gave me the most priceless gift of all, their time in 2018. They made me realise my mistakes and paved a way in correcting them. Every brick of hope in my castle can encrypt the names “Tamar, Alexis and Ana” on them to stand out.

I became super lucky to meet them in my 2018 and hope to travel along with a greed to work abide in the coming up years.

Thank you for being part of my life.


Another bunch of people who helped me every second of my life. K-pop has been more than just music in my years and this year became even more special by being the Year of k-pop.

My content with GOT7 grew deeper while finding many amazing people to tag along while completing this year. I experienced great geners of music which healed me in bringing out the best. I got introduced to new groups like Sf9, Straykids, the boyz, Monsta X and more. Appreciating good work by equipping myself became a bliss.

The unforgettable ride fueled me to dream bigger and stand out from the crowd. In the end I win the battles with my rules.

Words can never control the gratitude I have in my heart but here it is “I am here because of the unseen idols of mine.”

Thank you!

Random People

And last but not least a big shout out to all the commoners who were pleasing enough to help me in my daily life. From shopping to traveling, every shopkeeper, drivers, pupil helped me live my life. You may have come into my life without knowing but thank you for fulfilling all your purposes in my life.

Thank you!

And here we are to see a whole new year now. My blog would might stop here but my thanking list will never. I would have missed many but never forget that they stay in my heart and prayers. Thank you is just a word that compresses the impense gratitude I have. God has blessed me with everyone of you and thank you for staying along. Will always love you for your presence and love.

Thank you!

Wishing you the greatest blessings for 2019!

Note: Credits for pictures goes to their respective owners.

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