• Anthea Isaac

The Manna for the Dreamer in me

Everyday is a new day. Today was definitely a new day, a new beginning. I had my first day college for the new academic year. Spending a whole month as a vacation it was definitely a tough time preparing myself for the First day. With a bit of excitement and hesitation I got down from my dad’s bullet. I was early and the campus looked even more lonelier. I spent few minutes in the chapel to shower myself with positivity. That indeed made me feel peaceful.

After a while my friends got together and we were asked to assemble in our auditorium for Re-orientation. While waiting for the session to begin I remembered last year’s message by our principal Dr. Christianna Singh. It was her first year then as a principal. I was there sitting in the corner of the auditorium all gloomy waiting for someone to cheer me up, give me a hand to pull me up from the pit I was staying in. I needed a spoon of Hope to be fed. She elegantly took over the podium and delivered a message of hope. I never expected her message would stir up all those energy buried. She beautifully related with the story of Peter from Bible who decided to walk on water trusting God. She said we have to step out from the commoners and be faithful in God to achieve what we wanted and during the process we should have hope. Hope is never found like an ocean but is found when we have nothing let and only a little amount of Hope. That little hope is rooted in me till today and makes me write a blog now.

I sat on a chair with my fellow mates waiting for the college to settle in. I was sure that I was gonna receive something special in her message this year as well. Body still feeling tired thinking about daily routines of college, my heart was super excited to listen. The program started with a meaningful prayer and Bible reading. And as I expected our Principal gracefully took over the podium. For a girl with million dreams in her eyes yet has no one to share with definitely feels lonelier and insane among the civilians. A dreamer hardly speaks about her extraordinary dreams for the sake of not being judged. They hunt for dreamers with outstanding talents yet treated abnormal by the crowd. That dreamer is buried inside every individual but they don’t encourage it. Very few feed the dreamer in them and I was one among the petite. The dreamer in me was hungry and had it’s Manna when our principal accurately spoke about dreams.

She spoke as a Dreamer to all those budding little dreamers filling the auditorium. I was on the edge of the seat getting into everything she was talking about. She stated them beautiful in points making us understand that every dream is special and we should work towards it. Never let anyone mould you. A wet clay yet to be made as a art is easy to be pushed in a mould which is never gonna help us do what we love. Dreams that you dream or God given dreams. I have heard about this already but often forgets to remind myself. The dreams are given for a purpose to be fulfilled and we hardly understand it. Stand out. Following our dreams require us to stand unique in the crowd and we should be bold enough to take such decision. We have the most high God with us while walking towards the darkest paths leading to our dreams. And there were the four Ps she brought out.

  1. There is a special Person in you.

  2. There will be special Problems.

  3. There is a Plan for everyone of us.

  4. There is a special Person with you.

With those lines engraved in my heart I was all ready to face my new year in college. Hope and Dream has always been with be disappearing and reappearing at times and I am still amazed how things fell right in my track. A good start is always important in any part of life and I am so thankful that I received a fresh good start today through a message. I have always been thankful and grateful for the campus I have been in, remembering one of my blogs about budding as a doakian http://antheaisaacandherthoughts.blogspot.com/2016/07/two-weeks-as-doakian.html and now I am already stepping into my last year. Carrying out all the bitter sweet memories I promise myself to dream and walk towards them with hope and faith in me.

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