• Anthea Isaac

Trending the Black for Bambam

“Black” the common colour that is often expressed as the darkest. From mourning to modern style black has always stood first. There are still rituals and religions that avoid black for various reasons.

Inspite of all these, April 9 2018 was the day witnessing a lot of Black wishers across nations and the credits goes to our Bambam from GOT7. The military enlistment of Thailand that took place yesterday was the headline of the place and for every Kpoper around the world.

Kunpimook Bhuwakul also known as Bambam is a Thai member of the Korean boy band GOT7. He has got attention of many young ladies including myself. He is known for his rapping and outgoing innocent nature. Bambam who is 20 now was one of the candidates among the Thai youngsters. Him wanting to draw a black card in the military enlistment was the prayer of every fangirl.

The vibes haunted me from the day before. My heart was raising everytime thinking about Bambam drawing a black card. Thoughts fled my mind on how hard it will be to see GOT7 without our Double-B. A day without his update will make me go crazy. Over loving an Idol will make you worse but missing them is the worst of all.

The Next day was definitely a chaos. The very first picture I saw was Bambam waiting in the camp. My heart pounced out. WOW! He looked stunning… Ok, coming back. I felt so nervous, my hands freezing yet sweating with hyper heartbeats.

The whole social medias were flooded with hashtags #BlackforBambam which made me realize how much we wanted him to stay with us. He was truly a special person. His presence always made us happy. He was truly the comfort I searched for during hard times. For a week “#BlackforBambam” was the only motto, aim, ambition in all our hearts and minds. Yes! I wanted him to stay so badly but was also preparing myself for anything.

Thanks to all the fan accounts who kept on updating me during my class hours. I was informed every now and then. People around me were sensing the same vibes that even Non-Kpopers wanted to know the results.

After a day of wait. I checked my feed again, reaching home at 3:00pm IST with all prayers, curious nail bitings the result was out.

“He was EXEMPTED from the Military service.”

It was overwhelming that my eyes automatically started tearing out. He is gonna be with us which pleasured my soul. I felt Thankful.

Now, thinking about what happened yesterday gives a different feeling. Seeing all the fans and Bambam himself being happy is amazing. The day really marks an unforgettable memory in my life.

That #BlackforBambam will never fade from any of our hearts. For it was not just a hashtag but a sign of unity and love.

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