• Anthea Isaac

What are we running for…

We have often heard this phrase (used in the title) being used for our fellow beings. We use this to define people who run monotonously behind something, out of all the most exhausting long run will be the run for the creamy professions by the coming up generation. Everybody wants to be placed as a King, Everybody needs a Duster parked in their parking space, Everybody wants to be royal feeding their children with silver. And that’s how we actually forget what they need or for what their hearts beat for.

Weeks ago my sister’s 10th marks came out. It was a huge score according to me. Everybody praised her and my parents toiled themselves and finally got a seat for the school they wanted for first group they wished for. It wasn’t hard cause she did score above what was needed yet the competition made us all nervous for a whole day. She always wanted to be a Doctor from a very young age and gracefully she is set on the track for the run. Both family and friends who knew or came to know about her goal immediately took a fan kit and were ready to cheer her (including me) during the run.

A huge effort and sacrifice is needed for her run and we are ready to do it cause the oyster has been building its pearl for years and it’s our duty to be the hard shell protecting her.

The summer was on a smooth sail and the NEET results came out striking us two weeks ago. We sat curiously to understand and analysis the results so it would be useful for my sister or just say we wanted to know how the kids were competing. But unfortunately the results came along with tragic stories of students taking their lives just because they couldn’t get through the exam. Honestly some part of me felt bad but on the other hand I really wasn’t able to get it. Why the kids were too weak? What made them wanna take their lives at a young age?

Having great dreams isn’t a mistake but are we sure that we want it with all our heart. Having different aspects of life is seen as a sin when we are totally aware that every human is unique. Some might have a heart for dancing and some for painting but are they always let to follow their dreams. Our society often forgets that salary can never replace satisfaction.

Every profession is special and unique in its own way and people fail to see it. I am a easy going person and I am known for it. I took commerce for higher secondary and currently purusing English without any tension but that is not the case for my sister. “Hard work gives you success” according to me work can never be hard if you extremely enjoying the process of working. I always thought I am not a person to memorize things but I learnt pages of dialogue for the play I was taking part in my college. Writing is never easy for me but there was a time where I wrote three articles in a day. This happens only if we put our heart and soul in one place.

My father used to say that every top ten percent of people from a particular job earns almost ninety percent of the money. And that’s truly a valid point. If a person is in love with her or his profession they will be able to make it to heights. Not every profession is easy, simple, relaxing, refreshing and very few sends you a message that your account is debited before the 5th of very month.

Some students have a chance to follow their dreams along with their understanding parents but often looked down by the society. Why coding becomes menial compared to cutting.

An engineer can bring his ideas to reality cause someone chose to be a builder. A zoologist can study animals and look through picture cause someone chose to picture the wildlife. A commerce student is aware of the country’s situation cause someone chose to collect and telecast them. A pilot could relax with a story book cause someone chose to write. Government officials enjoy their weekends with a movie cause someone chose to dance with glittery outfits on.

Have we ever spent a minute thinking that every profession depends on one another in our lives?

Who will be the patient if everybody becomes a doctor? Who will take care of little kids if everybody becomes a professor? Who will take care of the accounts if everybody becomes an engineer?

As I stated a million times every profession has it’s value and you will be on the top if you work with passion for it everyday. Stop wandering around or pushing around people to choose a career which you think is the best.

If it’s not your cup of tea, never worry, we have many brands to try.

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