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What is Responsibility?

What is responsibility?

Do we often consider our responsibility important?

Do we take time to recall our responsibilities and act on it?


When given a topic on social responsibilities, I, myself have to sit for hours to finally figure out my responsibilities as a 20 years old. Responsibility begins with freedom. Every individual walks in a society with much to do from the day he or she starts breathing.

We all have our set of responsibilities as a daughter, a son, a student, a mother, a friend and more. What we often forget to add in the list is our responsibility as a citizen. The term responsibility is not just our duties but we taking in charge and blames for the happening in our surroundings. While sitting in our cozy couch, sipping our religious coffee from our favorite cup, have we ever felt responsible for illiteracy or corruption in our country? All we ever loved is frowning at the very heading of our morning newspapers and treating the associates as garbage.


Without much experience with social issues, all I could do is question my parents to state their views and both gave me extremely different answers which made me realize the vastness of the topic. With both the suggestions I am going to share my points on what I think.

Being in a democratic country clouded with corruption and fraud, how many care to blame themselves? We always find home by pointing out mistakes of someone while we don’t mind paying few bucks to get our paper works done earlier. Rather than blaming the crowd for the situations, our major responsibility will be to act. It is not that I have asked you to remove your Woodlands and get on the stinky rails but to do what possibly can be done by a fellow citizen.


Giving back to the society from what you have gained is also considered as a social responsibility. While working too much on adding up degrees to our names, we tend to forget the people who merely spell. We point them for us still being a developing country yet very few cared in educating them. Are we never aware or too ignorant to notice them? We must never forget that once our family wore a single piece of clothing and worked for pennies until someone stepped in to help us grow through education.


I am not sure what more comes under the topic I am dealing now but this is what I wanted to share to my beloved readers.

Leaving the negativity aside, let us look into the future with much positivity for better things to happen. Thank you for reading. Do comment your thoughts and reviews below.

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