• Anthea Isaac

Ted Hughes – Hawk Roosting (Appreciation)

Being a literature student I am exposed to many wonderful literary works during my classes. I was dealing with poetry as my major paper for my fourth semester.

Just another day was perfect for a new poetry in class. We had our printed copies titled as “Hawk Roosting” written by Ted Hughes. Spending some time and gazing at few lines made me fall for the poem.

The poem was given a negative shade with all pride and arrogance but in my perspective it looked like a poem filled with confidence.

The first stanza talks about the Hawk relaxing itself yet rehearsing it’s perfect hunting skills which tells you that even when your mind is at rest it should be thinking about your motives and goals.

In the second the hawk tells you to take everything to your advantage. Every move should be considered as an opportunity and should go along benefitting yourself.

Third stanza is being happy for who you are. God has created you in a unique manner and has taken the whole of creation to design you so better be proud.

Fourth and fifth may seem rude but it teaches you to take in what you want instead of worrying for every negative thing that happens to you. And no one can argue for who and what you are, it’s your life, your right to live as you please.

The sixth will tell you that nothing can make a change in your life without your permission and the piece ends poem ends saying “I am going to keep things like this” which is fine.

The poem gave million mixed strong vibes when we finished reading it. The literary piece is truly a motivator in a good and positive way. It helps you to value and stand up for yourself. It stands out to be my personal favorite and I want you all to go through it.

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